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We have a wide range of products and services that will help you ‘reduce your energy bills’ and improve your home. External wall insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, solar power, super efficient boilers and much more. Our services will help you save money by increasing the energy efficiency of your property.

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Our expert boiler installers carry out every job to the very highest standard, and from day one, we’ll do everything we can to protect your investment and give you total peace of mind. All of our boilers come with a 10 year parts and labour warranty. This means that, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, your appliance’s manufacturer will be there to assist you within 24 hours. And it won’t cost you a penny!

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When you get a new boiler, it’s important to select an installer who is Gas Safe registered, professionally qualified, and capable of familiarising you with your new appliance and how it works. The Heatlex team meet all of these criteria, and our prices are very competitive indeed. If you’re looking for professional boiler installers who will get the job done right, we’re confident that we are the best possible choice!

Shopping around for a new boiler ?? No problem – we are more than happy to provide a free , no-obligation quotation , this will be calculated based on your home’s specifications and what exactly you enquire!

Why Choose The Heatlex Group for Your New Boiler?

We believe that The Heatlex Group is the best possible choice for anyone in the UK who needs a new boiler. Here are just a few of the reasons why: All of our engineers have trained extensively, earned industry-recognised qualifications, and joined the Gas Safe Register. We have years of experience, with countless boiler installations under our belts.
Our previous customers love us – just take a look at our reviews! If you have any questions, or if you’d like to book your Heatlex Group  boiler installation now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Regardless of your current financial situation, we can help you to replace your old boiler with a new, energy-efficient unit. We offer a range of finance packages, allowing you to manage the cost of your new boiler in a way that suits your circumstances.


A boiler is a critical part of any home, and so it’s extremely frustrating when you cannot afford a new one without plunging your household’s finances dangerously into the red. However, help is at hand: here at The Heatlex Group we can offer boiler installations on finance with monthly repayments, allowing you to spread the cost of a new boiler over a multiple-year period.


Don’t struggle on with an inefficient, broken, or potentially dangerous boiler – instead, invest in a brand new unit and pay for it in a way that suits your circumstances and lifestyle. Contact us now and our representative can talk you through the boiler finance options. (Credit is subject to application and status).


ECO Boiler Grants, that are for low income families or those that are disabled or retired. Your Gas, LPG & Oil boiler has to be around 7 years of age or more. Some of the benefits you must be claiming include pension credits, child tax credits, ESA with a support group or a work related activity.


  • Pension Credits

  • Child Tax Credits ((total household income below £16,000)

  • ESA with extra money because you in a support group / work related activity / disability income guarantee.

As you can see its for lower income families with tax credits, pensioners that find it hard to pay the bills or those who can’t work as they have an injury or are too disabled. Your boiler must also be NON – CONDENSING so we will need the make and model or it has to be roughly over 7 years old or more.

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HHCRO or Home Heating Carbon Reduction Obligation is the grant that we access for our clients. This grant is part of the ECO scheme or Energy Company Obligation whereby the government has instructed the Big 6 Energy companies to give back to the community due to rising fuel prices!!

These rising fuel prices affect our quality of life as those families that already find it hard to pay their gas and electric bills will struggle even more!!….THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN TO HELP!!!

ECO Boiler Grants UK will access this grant for you to get you a free boiler (subject to survey). What we mean by subject to survey is that we firstly conduct an energy performance certificate on your property and this gives the funding amount that we will get to change the boiler. This will then determine if its free or not. Usually and 8 times out of ten it is. However if it’s not free then it will be a maximum of £199 – £299 contribution for a brand new boiler that will cut your gas bills considerably!!! Think how much an old style back boiler costs to change without a grant – £3000!!! It’s an absolute steal and that’s if you do have to contribute – like we said its uncommon.

A brand new boiler and thermostat for a fraction of the cost.

Fitted within 2 weeks of your application being successful.

1. Send us a message with your interest containing your phone number and full address including postcode.

2. We will call you to pre – qualify your status to see if you have the right benefits and a boiler that can be changed. (please have the benefits you claim and the make and model of the boiler to hand-write the make down or be prepared to go to to the boiler so that we can make a note of it)

3. Pending you qualify we will send a surveyor out to so the energy survey explained above. This will include photos of the boiler and other parts of the house including the loft and radiators, etc.

4. We will then run this report and put you in touch with our local boiler installer in your area. All Gas Safe registered and very reputable. This work is subcontracted.

5. Enjoy your new boiler and maybe you wont miss that dreaded boiler tank that takes a long time to heat up and costs you a fortune!!! Get a new combi boiler fitted within 2 – 3 weeks !!!


Here at Heatlex Group we have a wide array of home improvements that will not only make your house look great but will improve its energy rating making it cheaper to run – we all struggle from time to time with bills bills bills so let us help you find ways to cut these problems by smashing your energy costs down to a minimum.


We impartially compare the top high street energy suppliers to give you the best
deal possible saving you up to £550 on your gas and electric.

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